A flexible, accurate, low maintenance Vulnerability Assessment and Management solution that delivers solid security improvements

  • Continually scan for network and application vulnerabilities
  • Daily updates and specialized testing methodologies to catch 99.99% of detectable vulnerabilities
  • Data driven, flexible reporting options to empower remediation teams
  • *Bug bounty program* for any discovered proven false positives!
  • Complete organizational control

Designed to get you the most accurate and fastest possible improvement in network security customized for your organization’s needs.

Our competitive advantages:

  • Designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind

    • From boot up to scanning your networks in less than 5 minutes
    • Flexible deployment models: cloud based, on premise or Hybrid Cloud options – only you decide how to deploy!
    • Accurate scanning with near zero false positives to save you time
    • Automatic, daily vulnerability database updates – stay ahead of the latest threats

  • Simple and transparent pricing

    • All features, scan functions and report formats available by default
    • No hidden "modules"
    • Pay only for active IP’s

  • No host-based clients or agents required

    • With full capabilities - authenticated scans, patch detection, and more
    • Allows you to fully scan even BYOD environments


What our customers say about us:

“We now have the ability to scan at any time. Regular vulnerability assessments scans are like having sonar on our own network. We always know what is going on around us."

"Previously, I have dealt with many (many) different scanning vendors in my 15+ years in IT- security. beSECURE from Beyond Security is the first solution I could power up, configure and start doing useful scans within 15 minutes of my first session - awesome!"

“The information provided in the reports is very clear and concise. It explains to engineers what the problem is, where to look for more information, and how to fix it.”

"We needed a way to discover and audit network assets, understand and prioritize current network vulnerabilities, then track and manage the remediation efforts over time. After a three month review of nearly ten different vulnerability scanning vendors we chose Beyond Security's beSECURE. We had specifically selected beSECURE because it would cause no disruption to our systems and required no installation of any new software on our systems."



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